Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 The Year of the Keebler?

I'm back! I know that it has been a while since I really posted anything, but the last few weeks have been stupid busy. The funny thing is that for once the busy has been from all of the normal things in life instead of workouts and racing.

The reality for me during this time of the year is that going through my birthday, and the anniversary of my Dad passing always gets me a little down. I know that would really piss him off, but it is also during this time that I really remember how much has changed since he has been gone.

I will never know if my path was always meant to be speaking about fighting for your health, but it is one of the things that drives me to keep trying to find more people and groups to share my testimony.

I haven't been completely ignoring the Keebler blog over the last few weeks, but with everything  going on it has been hard to motivate myself to finish posts. So that means there are a lot of half finished posts for me to roll out over the next few weeks.

Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks good and bad (in no certain order):

1. The girls got a very cool new puppy

2. Stayed consistent on training even if I haven't really been driven to do it, and still trying to figure out this years race schedule.

3. Finally brewed some beer that had been sitting around for awhile.

4. First time to ever ruin beer in 10 years. Turns out yeast goes bad, but I still let my beer visiting beer apprentices think it was their fault :)

5. First time in my life I understand why people nap. My belief that you go until you collapse might be wrong.

6. After a long break in speaking engagements I have  3 groups on the books, and another 2 in the works. This really has helped me start to feel inspired again that I have a chance to make a difference.

7. Applied with a great nutrition company for their Pro Program and was accepted. Much more on this later.

8. Started feeling recharged again after a busy year.

9. Remembered again why I started speaking to groups and started this blog.

10. Haven't made it to Church as much as I have wanted, but have done a lot to keep working on my faith.

11. We have had a lot of family time.

12. Another visit with the Cardiologist, and had to schedule another visit in 6 months.

13. We were reminded how fragile our health really is after a few of our friends had health scares.

I guess that is enough for now, but I am glad to be back and I hope that 2013 will be the year of the Keebler.

Keep fighting,

The girls with their new dog Lizzy.

Lizzy wondering what family she has joined!