Thursday, July 17, 2014

Listen Up Princess

Not long after I published the last post I realized that I was ignoring something. Mainly the fact that after finishing a workout one day last week and I had the chills. Not really thinking that I was sick I decided to go ahead and check my temp. Boy was I wrong! I had a temp and an explanation why my body would not respond to what I was telling it to do.

This brought me back to a conversation that I had with Elliot taking him to the airport after the Buffalo 70.3 race. We were both talking about how when you are training and racing there is always a fine line between healthy and sick.

Then he said something to the effect that, "The reality is that a person's body is like a princess." 

At that time I just thought that it was a funny statement, but if you really think about, this is a very true statement.  

Most of us believe that if we aren't sick then we are healthy. The reality is that your body is always talking to you. It will tell you want it wants and needs. Like a princess, if your body is getting what it wants it is a smiley happy person, but if the slightest things is wrong or not right,  it will start kicking and screaming. Now the difference between being healthy and unhealthy is that the better you treat your body the better you can hear what it is saying to you. 

I learned this lesson after the Grassland's race, because my body was telling me something for a while and I ignored it. Then this last week I was probably pushing my limit again, and ignoring that I needed more rest. Hence getting hit with a fever and cold for the first time in a very long time and being forced to rest.

I am now less than two and a half weeks from the biggest challenge that I have ever tried to accomplish, Ironman Boulder. I am not sure if it will be as much about me surviving my first Ironman as it will be about me surviving the training.

For now I am doing my best to listen up to what my body is telling me with the workouts that Coach Tim is giving me.

 (Tim's comment to me yesterday was that he considers it a success when every day goes by and I am not texting him that my leg is hurt :))

 I am also trying to do my best with the tools that Doc Cooper with CNS Athlete has given me on nutrition. As much as we want exercise to be the only answer to how healthy you are it just isn't the only answer. You have to pay attention to what is going in for fuel.

Those of you that have followed me on this journey know that it will always be about more than the race, and who knows if I have what it takes to be an Ironman. All I know is that there will always be bad stuff that we will all encounter, and if you wait until that happens to you in your life you might not be able to fight.

So decide today, do you want to listen up and fight or just give up?

The Trail Running Princesses
Keep Fighting,