Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finally Better and Ready to Race...Maybe!

Well after racing Buffman and Squeaky I finally had one day that I felt good, and then the stomach virus that I had avoided for the previous two weeks struck. So that meant another four or five days with no training. This last few weeks has seen me be the least consistent training wise than I have been in a couple of years. Typically, some kind of workout is scheduled in every day, but instead of stressing out about having a race coming up I just rested. The last few workouts have felt really good, and I am really very glad to finally feel good again. Some chest pain still happening, but I am contributing that to dehydration and breathing.

This weekend we traveled to a cousin's wedding in Fort Worth, and it was great seeing a side of the family we haven't seen in awhile.  Then this morning we are leaving for Austin for the CapTex Tri on Monday. It has been a few years and several pounds down the road since I raced this race, and am really looking forward to seeing if I don't feel like I am dying during the race this time. I was able to run yesterday in downtown Fort Worth, and it gave me an idea what my body would do with humidity this time. I was able to handle it better than in years past, but I had better start hydrating for Monday now, because I was pouring sweat after a 40 min run.

One funny thing is that the last time we raced the CapTex Tri my friend Jerred was making fun of me for sweating so much even when I ate. I had always thought that I would not sweat as much when lost weight, and now that I have I still sweat like a fat dog running up a hill. Oh well! More later as the weekend goes on and probably some interesting comments from Jerred before the weekend is over.