Sunday, May 6, 2012

Run Keebler Run to the Heart Doc

Greetings my name is Wes and I am the man known as Keebler. The name was created for me by two good friends Scott and Jurgen . They said that I was short, fat, and all always happy just like a keebler elf. It is one of the best ways to describe who I was before I decided to start getting in better shape. The name stuck, but thankfully the weight hasn’t. Six years down the road I have gone from a guy that rarely exercised and was overweight to someone that has lost fifty pounds (and kept it off), raced numerous triathlons, and in short I am in the best shape of my life. Along this road the last few years I have realized how much our health and the health of those around us affects us. It really came to light when I lost my Dad three years ago to heart disease. Instead of following the same path I was on I decided to fight my genetics and give myself a chance. Ironically, on Monday I am going to a Cardiologist for the second time in my life. The difference is that the first time I was a normal out of shape West Texas good old boy, and now I am the same West Texas good old boy I just swim, bike , and run a lot.

I want to be able to help and inspire others to get healthier for their own reasons, and I am hoping this blog will be one of those ways to help others. Many of you that do know me are well aware that what is written here will have to be sprinkled with a heavy dose of talk about beer, wine, and food. Hopefully, it will also give an example of someone trying to keep a  balance between their faith, family, and health. Obviously, there are many other things that are in that balance, but for me those are the big ones.  

I know myself so much better now than I ever have, and it is really because of how I train I know how my body should feel.  I know that something isn’t right, and it might just be an issue with my lungs or might be my heart. I also  know that I can’t ignore it, and just train through it. That goes against  my ultimate goal of fighting to be here for as long as I can for my family. I am blessed with bad genetics, but it doesn’t mean that all of my story has been written. We can each make our situations better, but we just have to want to fight.

So I am just a short formally fat guy that is hopefully going to take you on an entertaining journey, and maybe get some folks to think about how their health can be better.