Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Enjoying the family and the 4th

I have been very bad on keeping the blog updated, but in reality it has for one of the reasons I am doing this. Since Buffalo (yes a race report is still coming) I have been spending some good quality time with family and getting in a few workouts to keep fit or fat (whichever you choose). Today I had just a little time to update before my brother in law (Tracy) starting giving me grief for being inside on the 4th.

I have felt good since the race except for a little issues with my back seizing up. Things were fixed quickly by my chiropractor, thanks Dr. Wilson, and today I went on a very enjoyable 8 mile run around   Snyder. Many things can be said about Snyder, but no matter what it will always be home!

Anyway more later, and everyone please have a very Happy and safe 4th!