Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just wanted to put in a real quick update while I have a few minutes of downtime. I was truly shocked and humbled at the outpouring of support after the article was published in the Lubbock AJ last Thursday. Here is a link to the story and video in case any of you haven't seen it:

Thanks again Nick and Zach from the AJ. You guys were great!

The real hope that we had from the article is that it would get some folks to look at their health in a little different way. The years ahead aren't free and now is the time, no matter your age, to fight for those years! Even if they are cut short at least do what you can to let your loved ones know they matter enough to you that you want to fight to be with them.

Now on to training and racing. I would love to say that I am feeling great and ready to roll, but I promised that I would always stay honest in how I represented what it is like to be a normal age grouper living the triathlon lifestyle (whatever that is). I am actually feeling the fatigue from the last few weeks, and was even wondering if Coach Tim had thought the race was farther off than this weekend :) One thing I have learned this far is that a coach does see things that you don't about yourself and your abilities.

The best thing the day before a race probably was not to stand around outside in the heat, but it was for a very good reason. It was my youngest girls birthday. Allie has been so excited about turning four, and her birthday pool party at TEGA was perfect. It might not have been ideal for a race, but seeing your little girl so happy is worth anything!

Those of us average people that do this sport have to remember that this isn't our life, but instead only a part of it. We can get so caught up into the race that we forget that many of us do this to be around and enjoy the other things in life. As Tim has reminded me many times no matter all that we do to prepare for a race we "draw a card" on that day, and your race just is what it is. Much like life you get knocked down, and you either stay down or you adapt and keep going. No matter how tomorrow turns out I am just blessed to be able to start a race.

Before I forgot I want to make sure that I thank Tim Key with TK Profitness,, he has gotten me to a level of fitness that I really never thought I could have achieved at 18 or an elderly 37 :) He has been one of the people that has been right there with me after my Dad died and I knew that I had to make sure my lifestyle change was something that stuck. Not to mention he has keep me leveled out on all of the ups and downs over the last few years, and one of the big reasons I have been without a serious injury for a long while. Thanks Tim!

Time to go get one more bike and run in so good luck to everyone racing tomorrow !