Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finishing out 2013

Looking back on 2013 there was a lot that I could talk about not going right, but that isn't what someone named Keebler should do. The good and bad in our lives always really serves the same purpose, and that is making us into who and what we are. I won't lie and say this past year hasn't been a struggle, but it helped remind me that you have to look for the good in every moment of every day. The good in our lives is always there, but yes it is hard to find somedays. We want the good to be something big everyday, but the reality is that the good somedays can be as small as the smile of a child. It can also be as big as an evening with friends celebrating the end of a year that constantly reminded me to never give up.

So here are a few pics from our Feuerzangenbowle New Years Celebration.

I am sure you could tell by the above title the evening had to include Jurgen
Our mid evening concert 

The chef at work

A boiling pot of festiveness

A little more conversation while the concoction settles

There is only one way to melt a sugar cone into the mix

Nearly ready for consumption

Susan learning hand signals from Jerred 

Susan finally got it down
These were the only ones that could be pictured here:)
We were so glad to end the year with some old friends and some new friends. No matter what this next year holds for us we are very glad and blessed just to be here to enjoy it. All of us in the Keebler clan wish you all the best for 2014!

Happy New Year!!