Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Wheels for Lucille and Other Cool Stuff

Just wanted to get in a short update before the crazy weekend consisting of Allie's birthday and the ever looming Buffalo Springs 70.3. Training has been good and consistent except for one missed bike session this week. I am still feeling tired, but I am responding well during my workouts. I am just ready to get to the race and see what happens.

Jurgen got Lucille (the bike) all cleaned up and some great new wheels on her. I got to try them out tonight after work and was really happy with them. Plus they are made by a new company called Flo cycling, but the thing I like the most is that the name Flo is big and displayed on the wheels and rolling with me. Those of you that knew Susan's Grandma Flo would know how much she would get a kick out of that. So now I have my Dad's initials on Lucille and Flo on the wheels that has got to be some good mojo for race day!

The coolest thing that happened out of a day, that by all estimates was going to be a crappy day, happened after work today. Mike Greer turned my name over to a sports reporter from the AJ, Nick Kosmider, that is covering the Buffalo Springs 70.3 this weekend. Nick and I set up to meet after work at my house before I went out for my bike and run session.

Nick and one of the AJ photographers, Zach Long, showed up around 5:30. I was really glad right off I had agreed to meet for the interview, because in the least it would provide an opportunity to help inspire others to look at their health in a different way. It really was an added bonus that they were a couple of cool guys that wanted to know the why behind this crazy sport, and another added bonus is that Zach was doing some training for triathlons. Maybe we will see  him at Buffalo soon! Anyway it was a really cool opportunity to get a healthy message out about making your health part of your life.

Nick had a lot of great questions and one in particular has really got me thinking, but I will add more on that in a later post. After the interview they took several shots with Lucille and I in the street, and I do expect Damon and Jerred to be making fun of me on twitter soon after they see them. Also, they were able to get some film of me going on my training ride this evening. Hopefully, I might be able to get copies of some of the stuff from tonight to share on here. It was great meeting both of the guys and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Time to end this for tonight, and check the AJ tomorrow for the story.


(Yes I know this ended up being a long update, Oh well)