Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Wicked Beaver Recovery Method

We had a great opportunity today to get to welcome our friend Sabine back to Lubbock. We were so graciously invited (we might have invited ourselves) by the Howells to a small gathering at the Wicked Beaver Brewery in Wolfforth, TX.

 This is a new microbrewery that is really producing some new great beers, and we are proud to say from right here in the greater Lubbock area. I will have to say I was really liking the Timber Ale, but the Midnight that had been aged in an oak barrel nearly took my breath away. Keep your eyes out for their beers on your local supermarket shelves, and make sure you don't pass them up. Here is their website so you can check them out.  Wicked Beaver Brewing Thanks again Michael for letting us hang out with you and the family for awhile this afternoon.

As always with good beer the best thing is seeing good friends and getting to know some new ones. Here are a few pics to prove that it isn't always about training and eating good. After a hard week of training finishing up with a 2 hour run Saturday, then a couple of hours on the bike Sunday before Church. I am beat up mentally and physically. Nothing recharges me better than a little fellowship with friends over a cold beer.


                                                As always a good box makes a great toy!

                                                           Martha, Jurgen, and Sabine
Keebler and Jurgen
                                                              Allie "helping" clean up
The Wicked Beaver always points the way!
                                                  Keep an eye out for the Wicked Beaver.

Until next time,