Friday, August 24, 2012

Who's Keebler?

I am sure that some of you that are reading this have wondered, especially those of you that knew me from way back, who the hell is Keebler. The short story is that Keebler is me and I am Keebler. Well as these things go sometimes it came from a quick little comment from one friend to another that started the ball rolling. It might serve well to show a few pics from the old Keebler days to put things in perspective. You know those days where I hadn't quite learned if you eat and drink whatever you want and sit on your ass you tend to expand. Turns out the shorter that you are the quicker the expansion tends to happen.

(Side note: As I was loading this picture Anna, my oldest says, "Not to be rude, but I don't like that shirt. Uhmmm, and not to be rude, but your head is kind of big." She tells it like it is!)

Happier than I was earlier!

Anyway on with the story. So my neighbor was talking with another one of our friends, Scott, when I came up and Scott tells Jurgen that I am just like a Keebler elf short and always happy. Now later on Jurgen added to it that I was always short, fat, and happy. As soon as I heard it I knew that it fit me well. Now I didn't know at the time that I was going to go from 50lbs overweight to a slightly deranged triathlete, but over the years this nickname that was given to me from two great friends has gotten me through a lot of crap.

We all get labeled in some fashion or another over the years, but instead of letting labels define us why can't we redefine the labels. I am still the same vertically challenged happy person I was 6 years ago, I just have a little less to carry around now. The reality is still the same no matter how tough a day is, how bad a race is going, or how much pain I am in, someone can call me Keebler and it makes me smile. Then when I smile I feel I can pass along a little bit of that happiness to help someone else. Sometimes our road is rough, but as long as we can go forward we are good. To quote my Father-in-Law, Jack, no matter how bad it is, it is always better than the alternative.  

                               Fun times at Vineman 70.3 with the best cheering section ever!  

So raise a glass, eat some good food, and remember that if a vertically challenged, formally fat West Texas guy named Keebler can change then you can too!!!  Good Luck and all the best from mine to yours.