Sunday, September 23, 2012

Panhandle Half Marathon and a Return to Speaking

Going into the weekend I was feeling tired and ready to rest, but as usual it wasn't in the cards. I had a 3 hour bike on Saturday, and Tim wanted it at a high cadence for the whole three hours. Which means in the normal world is that I looked like a hamster on a wheel going into the wind. Since Susan and I were both racing the inaugural Panhandle Half Marathon we both tried to take it easy for the rest of the day, but that was not going to happen. Either way we got up and met our great sitter, Amanda, so she could watch the kids while we were racing (not sure how much sleep she had from the night before, but she beat us there.) I didn't expect much for this race, but actually it went exactly as Tim had wanted for me. I ran around a 1:46, and considering how I went into the race I was happy with getting there. Thanks, to the guy named Kyle that pulled me in the last few miles, I doubt I would have kept that pace without him. My proofreader has asked that any mention of her race be redacted until further notice. I will mention that she got out there and did it! Some races are good and some are bad, but we each need to remember how blessed we are to get to race.

                                                                    Ready to race.

                                                        About to high five the girls!

                                                        Susan saying hi to the girls!

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to a great group of people with the Caprock Ambucs  of Lubbock. Thankfully, Mike Massengale, was able to look past me getting choked up in Sunday School from telling some of my story and asked me to speak to the Ambucs. To this day speaking about my story and my Dad still gets me emotional, it feels like I am pulling off a bandage. Anytime I speak to a group my hope is that I can inspire someone to start working on being healthier. This day was a little different for me, because I was the one that was inspired. One of the ladies came up to me at the end to thank me for speaking. As we spoke she told me about one of her family members health issues. This family member has no control over some very serious issues, but the family does everything that is in their control to stay healthy.  We all look around and realize that a majority of people have health issues that can be prevented, but choose not to do anything. It doesn't take much. This week choose to fight for your health while you have the opportunity!

                                                      Speaking to the Caprock Ambucs