Saturday, October 13, 2012

7 Days and Counting Before my First 50K

I have been in this position a few times where you are getting near the end of a season, but you still have one more race you want to put down in the books. Another thing about where I am right now is that I am right at the edge between breaking down and peaking. I have 7 days left, and I am feeling the last few weeks of training. Actually, I am starting to feel the whole seasons worth of training. It made me think a lot of where I was last year.

 Every year that I have spent training for endurance races I have learned a little more about what my body and mind can and can't take. Doing these kind of races you want to build up to the edge of what you can take and still stay healthy. Last October I had gone over the edge and was trying to convince myself that I could race, Austin 70.3, tired and sick. After that race I felt bad physically, mentally, and spiritually. Susan was really the only one that knew how much I was doubting whether or not I would ever be fit enough to race the 70.3 distance and if I was just wasting my time. It was one of those times where I was thinking that it would be nice to not have to schedule workouts all the time, and go back to my chicken wings and beer diet. Just go to work, come home, hang with family, have a beer, and eat whatever I want when I want. I wanted to go back to "normal" old Keebler where all I had to worry about was being fat and happy.

Then a few days went by and I started getting that urge to move again, because I had learned that I don't feel right when I am not active. Even if it was just a walk with the kids anything was going to make me feel better. I had ran myself into the ground, but I also now know what that feels like. So knowing what it feels like I now can tell when it is coming and adjust to keep it from happening.

One of the first things that Tim asked me before he became my coach was why are you wanting to do this. My answer was to help and inspire others and hopefully still be doing this in 20 years. When you look at your health it looks different if you look farther down the road then just this week. Instead of I need to lose 10 lbs to fit into this or that, or I need to lose this much so the doc doesn't give me bad news this year. Without not knowing what is coming, who might need us, or what adventure is out there your health can be the deciding factor on it all.

As I said earlier, I am again at the same part of the season, and about to go into a race that is beyond anything I have ever run. This year I know a little better how my body and mind react to the stress they are under. I know I can't handle this level of training for much longer, but I also know that I can dance right here at the edge for a few more days.

I have to mention that I am so appreciative for not only the donations to my American Diabetes Association donation page, but all of the support I have been getting for this run. I wanted to share a text from a friend to show you what I mean.

Jerred: It isn't that far. Just like running from Lubbock to Lorenzo.


Jerred: With hills and snakes and mountain lions and honey badgers

Me: I forgot about the honey badgers!

Have a good weekend,