Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Racing, Family Time, and Saying Goodbye to a Friend

I finally had a chance to get back to Snyder this weekend, and of course the initial reason was to race. It was the weekend of the White Buffalo Bike Fest, and the White Buffalo Stampede 5k. Since Susan and I first raced this race in 2009, I haven't  been able to fit it into my schedule.  It is a fun rolling hill race that will keep you challenged all the way through, and this year Mother Nature decided to throw in some cold weather. It was just me and the girls this time, because Susan stayed to run with her run group at the Komen Race for the Cure.

After getting to Snyder Friday I was doing a little pre race run, and could feel a little fatigue from the last few weeks. I was thinking that night that it was crazy that I was even trying to throw in this race while I am preparing for my 50k in less then 2 weeks. Not to mention that even after 3 years since losing my Dad my girls and I still end up talking about how much we miss him when we are coming into town. As much as I love to come home, for one reason or another, it can still be emotionally hard at times.

The morning of the race I went out for a short warm up ride. It got a whole lot shorter once I felt how cold it was.  I quickly figured that I would warm up at the race. One of the best things that I forgot about this race was getting to see all of my old friends from growing up. Some were there with their kids, some were helping with the race, and some families were racing.

I would like to mention as a side note that a lot of the folks from the new fitness and wellness center, Kinetic Coop, were out to support and work this race. I know a lot of these people are working so hard to help Snyder be healthier. I am really hoping that it works out, because it is such a great thing for my hometown. If you happen to be in town please drop by for a class and check it out.

Now back to the race. I still wasn't feeling great right before the start, but I decided to at least sneak up to the front to try to go with the front group for as long as I could. Might I mention that when you are at a race that has a shotgun start don't stand next to the shooter. I was paying more attention to my watch when the shotgun went off. Needless to say my heart rate instantly skyrocketed. It did get me going, and I got right behind the front group. After getting through the first hill I settled in, and honestly just tried to keep my pace steady. Near mile two I was passed by a guy that I knew was putting down too fast of a pace for me to hang.  After he passed me I got into no man's land and was too far back to catch him, but I didn't have anyone right behind me. As I came up on the finish I just knew that the clock had to be wrong, because it said 20:33. I told my Mother-in-law that I was hoping to come in around 21:00 or 22:00, but I never imagined on this course that I would run my fastest 5k ever. I ended up with 1st in my AG and 6th overall. Even though I was excited with my best 5k result the best part of this trip was getting to see family and friends I haven't seen in awhile.

Since this is a family affair I need to add that Susan also ran her fastest 5k time, 27:28, at the Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday. I am sure it helped not having to take care of us three the night before :) All kidding aside we are proud of her!

As soon as I could I loaded up the girls and we headed back to Lubbock to tailgate with my in-laws at the Tech game. The game ended up horribly. I was glad that I started the day with family, and it was good to end the day with family.

                                                  Everyone trying to stay warm!

So after a busy Saturday I got up and rode the trainer for a couple of hours, and rushed off to Church for a little fellowship. Then we grabbed a quick lunch, and I got on the road back to Snyder for the funeral of a great lady, Elois Pruitt. I found out Friday that she had passed away, and couldn't believe that a lady that epitomized the essence of life could be gone. My mom and her had worked together and were friends for many years. To me she was one of the many ladies that helped raise me at the Courthouse where my Mom worked. I will miss her mischievous grin, and I hope to honor her memory by making others smile. Goodbye Airhead.

Remember to tell someone today that you love them,