Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Hap Happiest Runner

Considering that my last post went on forever and a day I forgot about one of the funniest things that popped into my head to motivate me during the race. To understand this you need to know that when I race no matter what I always try to encourage others, or at the very least put some good vibes out on the course by saying "hi" to everyone just to keep myself going. Well on that last loop at the point I was hurting the most I remembered something that my Mom said about my last race in Snyder. Her friend told her that when she saw me finish the race that I was the happiest runner she had ever seen. I couldn't ask for a better compliment! During that 3rd loop I was nowhere near the happiest runner on the course. Then Chevy Chase's rant from Christmas Vacation got into my head. Granted I know I am a little off, but long distance running took me to a new level of off. Well just watch it below, and I think that you will understand why it was perfect for someone in pain just trying to fake being hap hap happy :)

**WARNING** Don't watch with your kids!

I might have felt like I was near the threshold of hell, but at least I was going to be happy while on the journey.


                                                                 Happy Halloween!