Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nearing the end

I guess it must be the end of the season, but this taper week is effecting me way more than usual. I think some of it is race stress and life stress, but some of it is trying to stay chill and not workout. I used to look forward to some time taking it easier, but somewhere along the way my body got used to being pushed a little farther every week. So backing off of that means that I start to feel like crap.

Then there is the fact that 3 days before the race I am thinking of everything that can go wrong. Best example is that I walked into a room today and this guy was obviously under the weather, and I had to force myself not to bolt from the room before I instantly fell over sick.

I am trying to get more rest, but I have had issues sleeping the last few nights. I am sure that it is me worrying about this race, but the good thing about me is that I have a break point where my mind finally says,"oh well, what the hell ever. It is what it is" I am getting close to that point, and it is transitioning to excitement in running my first, and maybe only, ultra marathon.

Well this is a short post, and I will try to get another one in before the race. If not I hope to see you guys on the flip side!


P.S. I was just finishing this when I looked at my American Diabetes Donation page, and was completely humbled to find out that we had reached our goal, and had gone over. I will do my best to honor your support of the American Diabetes Association by running the best that I can, or at least I will try and not embarrass any of you :)

I sincerely think all of you for your support in so many different ways!