Monday, July 16, 2012

First look at the new JD's Heart T-Shirts

Here is the first look at the new JD's Heart t-shirts! Thanks Sarah Collins for the great art work, and House of Ink for the great job on the shirts. Those of you that got yours with the first order send us pics that way we can put them on here. Here is the first, very beautiful, model of our first ever JD Heart t-shirt. Hopefully, someday when you see this symbol you will know it is someone that is trying everyday to make a difference in their health.


                                          The little blond gremlin found her way into the pic!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Buffalo Springs 70.3 Race Report and a Few Other Things

I know this has taken a long time to get to, but I have been doing what is best for recovery, family and friend time! Before we get to that I want to send all of our love and prayers to our dear little friend Noah Hurst, who broke his leg yesterday and just got out of surgery, get well soon our little friend!

I am sitting here typing this while watching the 7th stage of the Tour de France, and trying to recover from a very nice long trail run this morning with Susan's running group from Cardinals. Thanks for letting me jump in with all of you here and there.

I was thinking back this morning about Buffalo 70.3 and was trying to remember the pain that I know was there, but the funny thing that keeps happening after these races is that it fades quickly. I will try my best to get it right, but as usual I try to remember the good things rather than the bad. It could also be the fact that if I remembered how painful these races can be I would question the sanity of my friends and myself!


I was nice and warmed up for the race start which is really rare for me. I usually am talking too much to everyone around to remember to get in even a little warmup ( I know that is a surprise to most of you). When the race started I had a hard time right off getting in a good position running into the water, and this was going to stay the same throughout the swim. Before the first buoy I had been kicked in the head, I hit someone else in the head on accident, and choked on nice lake water twice. Not to mention I couldn't find a clear area to swim long enough to feel good like I was making any sort of headway. Coming out of the water I was really glad that was over, but expecting that I was way off of my normal time. I came out with a 31:12, which is where I am normally. A very good surprise, but considering that  I have seen my some swim improvements lately I had really hoped for a little better time.


Normally not much to say here except this time I decided to go on the wrong side of my bike rack. I guess a first time for everything. One good thing was seeing my friend Ron volunteering on the bike out. Friendly faces always make a race much better.



Lucille and myself were really feeling good on the first half or more of the bike. I was keeping a higher pace than normal for me in a race, and was really hoping to make up some time on the bike for once. As usual for me I had many of the fast people pass me like I was standing still, and really all I could do was keep it steady and limit the damage. The bike is still where I need the most work but that takes time. After coming out of the back canyon and turning west I hit a strong headwind that really knocked me back for a few miles. As I was getting closer to the park I started passing people again, and that was making my legs feel better to get a few spots back in the overall. Coming up on the last climb I could feel that I had pushed my legs harder than I had in previous races, and as the climb started the insides of both legs started cramping from top to bottom. To be brutally honest I was trying to not panic, because trying to climb with both legs cramping could have shut me down where I was at for more than I wanted. Luckily, I made it to the top and when the pressure came off the cramps let up. Crisis averted!


                                           It was Keebler time on the 4th climb of the day!


I would love to tell you that I went straight to my back rack, but yes I went to the wrong side again! Susan might say at this point that once I hear a loud pop it means that my head is out of my butt. I hadn't heard that pop yet!



Part of my race plan was to push as hard as I could to get to the run sooner rather than later hoping for cooler temps. I could tell on the first 2 miles that I had pushed hard, and my legs felt worse than they had in a long time for a race. Plus the temps might have been cooler than later in the day, but they felt hot to me! Before the first hill I was starting to get my legs back, and started to pick rabbits (people) in front of me to start trying to close the gaps. I was passed fewer times on the run, and mostly by people that were crazy runners. I did find that if I could stay steady up the hills I could make some good headway. Only on the 2nd climb did I have some issues with my right hamstring, but thankfully it went away before the midway and I was able to keep going. Another thing I did on this race was take my time at each water stop, and make sure I could get cool and keep hydrated. I also found that if I dumped water and ice down the back of my jersey it cooled me off better, but that is probably due to my head being in my butt :) Coming back into the park I was feeling good and started picking up the pace a little. I stayed this way until the last mile, and to my surprise I had enough to put in a strong finish. Besides a little stitch in the side it was one of my best feeling finishes.


Finish - 5:28:44
Overall - 213/832
Age Group - 42/97

After looking back at this race with a couple of weeks gone I am very happy with it. I was 10 minutes faster than my race in April, and from when I raced Buffalo 2 years ago I was 20 minutes faster. This was my second fasted race in much rougher conditions than Vineman last year. Susan noticed the biggest difference. I am finishing and not feeling like I am going to die, but instead recovering quicker from the races. Some of that is due to my conditioning, and some of it is due to getting off of statins. I will always have an issue with my cholesterol, but with this healthier lifestyle and working with my docs I will keep fighting to do what I can. It is just that I don't want to solve one problem while causing others. I know there has to be a balance, and I will keep searching.

Now time to enjoy some good drinks, good food, good workouts, and most of all good times with family and friends. Over the next few weeks I will figure out what races are next, and will get some of the pages updated.

                               Nothing like finally making it to "The Spot" on a good trail run

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Enjoying the family and the 4th

I have been very bad on keeping the blog updated, but in reality it has for one of the reasons I am doing this. Since Buffalo (yes a race report is still coming) I have been spending some good quality time with family and getting in a few workouts to keep fit or fat (whichever you choose). Today I had just a little time to update before my brother in law (Tracy) starting giving me grief for being inside on the 4th.

I have felt good since the race except for a little issues with my back seizing up. Things were fixed quickly by my chiropractor, thanks Dr. Wilson, and today I went on a very enjoyable 8 mile run around   Snyder. Many things can be said about Snyder, but no matter what it will always be home!

Anyway more later, and everyone please have a very Happy and safe 4th!