Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since the last race of the season for me I have stepped back and taken some time to recharge. It has been nice to not think about my workout schedule, and to factor in some family time. I do my best to not let training affect our family much, but we are both wanting to be healthy and fit. To do that, other things have to give. So other hobbies and hanging out with friends usually gets dropped first. Here are some of the things that has happened over the last few weeks:

1. A few workouts
2.  Played guitar some
3. Ate a lot of food
4. Caught up on depleting my beer collection
5. Started using to track what I eat - Translation: I eat a lot of crap and drink a lot of beer
6. Went out with friends which turned out staying up to late - Translation: drank too much
7. Friday night hurt turned into Saturday night stomach virus
8. Two days later finally over that nonsense
9. Two days sick meant I caught up on all of the DVR crap that we never end up watching
10. Found out we as a family love Duck Dynasty (maybe a triathlete can still retain some redneck capabilities :)
11. Took my nephews out shooting guns, cue the redneck side of me.

Now Susan and I are going to head out on our yearly long run through Snyder, and then our second Thanksgiving meal this evening. We wish all of you the best Thanksgiving, and if you can't think of at least one thing to be thankful for remember to be thankful for your health!

                                                           Sam and Trey (The Nephews)