Hello my name is Wes Everett, and thanks for visiting my page. As I tell my story, on this site, and in public speaking engagements, my goal isn't to preach to you about changing your lifestyle, but rather to inspire you to find your personal reason for fighting for your health.
My family has been affected for many generations with heart disease, and after the passing of my father, Jimmy Don Everett, I knew it was time to break the cycle for my family. At the time I couldn't pinpoint exactly what was urging me to get in shape, but I knew I wanted to say I had completed a triathlon even if it was only one.
When I started to do this was around 10 years ago and I was 30, just beginning my career, about to become a parent, overweight, and completely unaware that I was on the same unhealthy path that many men before me had gone. I am 5'6”,at the time I weighed in at 210lbs, barely did any exercise, borderline high blood pressure, already medicated for high cholesterol. If I did try to run at this time my heart rate would get so high that I would literally feel like I was going to die.
It is easy to look back now and know that one of the main reasons I wanted to get healthier was that I didn't want my children to ever worry about my health. Even though I was able to be around my Dad for 34 years it was not enough, and I will always feel cheated that I didn't have more time with him. The only thing that I can truly change for myself is that my wife and girls will always know that I have fought every day I could to be here with them.
When I began training for that first race I really didn't know what it would take to finish a race that consisted of a 500 meter swim, 17.6 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run. The more active I became the more I began to realize just how out of shape I had gotten. It has not been an easy quick transformation, but instead a steady journey forward towards a healthier me. My vehicle for change was triathlon, but each person just has to find what that thing is that helps them be more active.
I completed that race and have gone on to complete many others. In 2010 I was given the opportunity to race in the 70.3 World Championships, and I was able to use this race as an opportunity to raise over $26,000 to help Covenant Hospital of Lubbock, TX renovate their cath lab waiting room in honor of my Dad. It is not, nor is it ever going to be, about the races. Instead since losing my Dad it became more about using what has happened to my family to help others to fight for their health before they are laying in a hospital bed or worse a coffin. I hope that through my speaking and training I can inspire others to fight for their health while the are healthy. If you are interested in hearing more of my story or would like me to come speak to your organization go to the contact link on this page. Thanks for visiting and please find your way to keep fighting. Remember, you have to start somewhere and sometime, so why not here and why not now?


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  1. Such an inspiration! If only all of us would take the time out of our day to remember what (or who) it is that is driving us to succeed. Thanks, Wes! Keep it up!